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Eric Talerico

  • Who am I?

    My name is Eric Talerico.  I was born in New Jersey, moved to Germany and graduated from high school there, studied art in Wisconsin, spent four years in the Navy learning to drive Aircraft Carriers.  From 1988-2003 I was a folk musician and street performer living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. 
    Currently I live and work in Southern Arizona

  • What do I do?

    I am an artist - full time..  I make images in a variety of media, including oil paintings, watercolors, gouache, intaglio printing, woodblock printing and digital media. I am also a graphic designer.

    My primary focus for the past few years has been a large Illuminated Manuscript that uses a combination modern and traditional imagery and some pretty wild automatic writing.

  • How can I contact you?

    My preferred method for queries is email.  If you are interested in booking me for a lecture, demonstration, course or query, email me first with your requests and I will get back to you with a contact number.

     Reach me here: