Strange Overheard Conversations

One thing that I love about sitting to work in public places is the absurd and amusing conversations you can overhear. I was sitting in a café this morning reading a newspaper. At the next table over, two gentleman were discussing the recent plans (currently covered exhaustively in the news) to build a Mosque near Ground Zero in NYC. One fellow was saying to the other that it was a bad idea because Ground Zero is to US Citizens as sacred as the Kaaba in Mecca is to Muslims, or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is to Jews. The other fellow replied that he had no gripes about a Mosque near ground zero, so long as we were allowed to build a Hooters, and a Catholic Church near the Kaaba.
It would behoove both of these gentleman to read Roger Ebert’s blogpost about the subject. It is astute, patriotic, and clearly delineates the issue. Here is a link to it:
Thanks to Wanda McCollar for posting the link on her Facebook page.

Another odd conversation was between a child and her mother. The child was asking her mother if they could take a trip on the train. The mother asked her why it was so important to her right now. The kid said that her best friend had explained that taking a trip on the train is how her mommy got her a little sister.

The mother thought about this for a minute, then told her daughter: well, it wouldn’t work. In order to get a little sister on the train, Mommy has to kiss Daddy, and since he’s in Germany right now, we can’t do that.

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