Here is a pic of two of the fine folks who keep me in coffee (and the occasional cookie!) when I’m working in my favorite cafe!
It rained – and not a small rain either! Torrents, in an unbroken cover of clouds, which is very unusual here in the desert. Most of our rain comes from isolated groups of clouds. Its quite wonderful when we see an unbroken cloud cover from horizon to horizon.

This desert has so many moods. Rain only enhances them. I remember some of the rainy stretches back east. Boston would be gray and rainy for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. That kind of constant rain could really take the steam out of your day.
Here, when it rains, it usually comes as a welcome break from the beautiful weather. In monsoon, you can watch the storms build in the course of the day. Often there are cloudless mornings. Ten O’Clock rolls around and there are a few puffy clouds, perhaps some high cirrus. By noon, the clouds have grown into castles – huge thunderheads loom on the horizon. Late afternoon they begin to march, down the mountains and into the city. And by early evening, normally the storms have done their damage and there is only a residue of rain or clouds. Some evenings produce lightning displays long after the rain has stopped. Sitting in the livingroom with the curtains open I can watch the flashes, so much brighter than the electric lightbulbs.
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