Another Movie or Two I’d Like to See


How about a movie about new recruits training to be Imperial Warriors in the Star Wars universe?  The rebels are terrorists, the Empire is largely stable but beset by beggar warriors who want to bring it down, nearly a million people are killed when a rebel force destroys an orbiting defense base (Deathstar).

How about a movie in which Nikola Tesla actually builds his free electricity generators and powers the entire world, while selling independent generators that absorb their energy from the sun, so that people can be autonomous from a central grid. These uniquely free people develop a society in which free enterprise is the rule, and collectivism is seen as an unnecessary and archaic idea, because people actually treat other people fairly. 

How about a movie where   God is actually a microorganism living in the Marianas Trench.  In a moment of revelation, a woman swimming is caught in a rip tide which takes her directly to the trench.  She finds herself alone on the ocean at night bourn up by highly saline seawater, surrounded by the microorganism God which is glowing faintly green due to electro-cellular excitation.  She is hit by a rogue wave, swallows a large mouthful of seawater infested with the God organisms and suddenly finds that she can hear their thoughts.

How about a movie about a janitor who not only is very good at his job, but loves it more than any other activity.  He has a nice home, and a stable family.  His kids want to go to college.

How about a movie where the goodguy is really a completely good guy, and he wins the day because he is good. 

How about a movie where drug overlords are depicted not as violent thugs, but as businessmen committed to the ideal of a free society where people are allowed to make their own choices about whether to use or not use drugs.   They use the legal system to successfully pass a law which allows this to happen.  After the legalization occurs they immediately funnel money into treatment and educational facilities for users, so that they can learn how to safely use the drugs without fear of addiction or arrest. 

How about a movie where a man owns a house.  The city he lives in decides it wants to put in a road which will cross over his property.  He doesn’t want the road on his land because it will interfere with the grazing of his cattle.  He explains his problem to the city council and they decide that the public interest includes this fellow too, and so they find an alternative route for their road.

How about a movie where two people with drastically different points of view come together to talk.  After each explains his POV, they discuss them in more detail, eventually agreeing that neither one’s world view actually excludes anything in the other.  In fact they find so much the same between the two templates that they learn to respect each other and each other’s beliefs. 

How about a movie about the turtle and the scorpion where the turtle carries the scorpion across a river.  When they get to the other side, the scorpion tells the turtle that although his nature dictates that he should now sting the turtle to death, he himself has risen above his nature to become something more than a scorpion.  The two go their separate ways, now lifelong friends.

How about a baseball movie where two rival teams (one male and one female) are embroiled in the game of a lifetime.  During the sixth inning, they are beset by a torrential downpour.  Rather than running inside to get out of the rain, they all take off their cloths and wallow in the red mud of the baseball diamond.  The bump in viewership is so huge that from then on, all sports events are replaced by events where mixed gender “teams” take off their clothes together and play like five year olds. 

How about a movie about a man and a woman that does not have any sexual innuendo at all?  They are good friends, and remain that way through out the movie.

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