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How Illuminated Manuscripts were made

My own style – a kind of naive hybrid which  borrows some traditional techniques, but uses my own block letters rather than a calligraphic script.  This page is in progress – much work remaining, particularly in the border.  The painted … Continue reading

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Online Manuscripts

The Aberdeen Beastiary is reproduced in its entirety online. The internet is opening up new resources all the time.  Just a few years ago, it would have taken more time, money and energy than most people have to see the … Continue reading

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Photoshop for artist’s workflow

If you are a traditional artist not quite sure of what Photoshop is all about, I have a few suggestions for you. I’ve been painting for most of my 54 years – but have only used Photoshop for the past … Continue reading

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Leaving things behind.

We tend to leave behind things that are “merely aesthetic” and replace them with things that are more utilitarian, and in the long run the culture suffers for it.  Its like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!   I remember … Continue reading

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Tee shirts of this message available here The firefighters who came out to fight the Monument Fire here in Sierra Vista did a terrific job.  Now that there is rain it looks like the fires are nearly over – its … Continue reading

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