Online Manuscripts

The Aberdeen Beastiary is reproduced in its entirety online.

The internet is opening up new resources all the time.  Just a few years ago, it would have taken more time, money and energy than most people have to see the manuscript that is available online here.

Its not just a few pages available either.  The Aberdeen Bestiary is posted in its entirety, and in addition to the pages, there are transcriptions and translations of the text available.  If you are a calligrapher, an illuminator, or just looking for inspiration, this site is a must see! It also give some hints about how the manuscripts were created.  Particularly useful are the images that show the use of “pricking” to layout pages. 
If you are interested in the design and the making of Illuminated Manuscripts, then you will find the Medieval Manuscript Manual to be quite delightful as well.  It will give you an idea of the workflow that bookmakers created in order to streamline the process, give you a historical background and some very good imagery too!

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