More thoughts on bridge art

Bridge arts- there is a need for curriculae that cross the boundaries between traditional art and digital art. As I have already stated earlier, for a traditional artist, an iPad should be considered as a front end device. But the power and availability of other applications on a desk or laptop computer should not be dismissed either.  Programs like the Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Paint, Poser, and many others offer us the possibility not only of extending traditional art forms, but also

 of creating new forms native to their respective applications. There are new forms of art as yet undiscovered which will grow out of these new tools, forms that  can only exist because of digital tools. We have already seen a profound revolution as a result of desktop publishing. It’s rare to find a publishing house that still uses hand set metal type.  Many forms of printmaking, once considered fine art, have been retired to niches, or folk art status. 

In the process, we are losing many of the qualities that made the old forms so beautiful and enduring.  
At the same time,when drawing and painting programs struggle to replicate hand processes, in many ways they are missing the boat. The undiscovered methods that I mentioned earlier are ones which, rather than trying to replicate existing methods, should actually be exploring as well methods that fully exploit the new techniques available in the digital realm.  
When we set digital art free of the per conceived forms of pictures, stories, songs, movies, and start to move into a synthesis that contains all of those into something new, that’s where the real excitement is. 

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