Venus and Mars, Perhaps

Graphic, Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars are Easy

Its easy to love Venus and Mars. They are so far away, and from here, all we can see is their magnificent light. But satellites show us the reality of these objects – both are rocky places, inhospitable to human beings and to most life as we understand it. Venus is too close to the Sun and Mars is too far from it.
I walked on Venus once. It was a few years back, and I had just returned from Pluto. I never realized how cold it could be until Pluto showed me. On Venus it was a different story. I met a small dog there, and he told me that the sun was only an illusion. When I asked how it had come to be, all he could do was shrug and say “on accident, I suppose” then went on trying to dig up a squirrel that had been bugging him.
So despite what Science says, life on Venus is very much like life anywhere else, with squirrels acting like pests and dogs speaking cryptically of naked lunches and turbid strategic elements. Que Sera, Pasa.

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  1. meloras says:

    Perhaps Pluto was giving you the cool treatment over feelings of rejection–had it coming, you know…masquerading all those years as a proper planet! A little humility might be good for Pluto. Venus on the other hand, now there’s a planet with a fiery temperament—basking not only in the heat of an illusory sun, but stewing in its own denial that it might be time to leave the neighborhood. Who needs an atmosphere anyway? Bloody greenhouse gases—nothing but years and years of accumulated dog farts. No wonder the squirrel was digging.

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