Digital Tarot

Okay – so I’m playing with the idea of designing a new Tarot deck. I’ve made a few over the years, one-off, handmade sets for collectors. This one will be entirely digital. I’m not sure yet whether it will be a full (and traditional) deck, or whether it will be an entirely bogus deck made with surrealist tendencies and personal, rather than standard, symbolism. This one as you can see is just an update from a traditional card – the tower in my image suggests an urban setting rather than the traditional tower in the wild image, but the style of this is inspired by the Waite-Ryder deck, which I keep around for reference. I’m using my iPad and the Sketchclub app to make it, because Sketchclub has a great vector drawing tool that lets me make images that resemble woodcut prints. Ultimately, I may even make the images I come up with into a series of woodcut prints so that I can play with the differences between traditional and digital art.
“Tower in the wild” image:
possible additions: a wolf. reference to morrison “a beast caged in the heart of the city.”
Lion? Is it a reference to the city having a heart, is the city “lionhearted” as in brave, or is it just the idea of a beast caged, like in a zoo or a circus.
Any of morrison’s characters would work: the lion, the roaming dogs rabid, foaming.
For the fool card, perhaps Robin Williams face for reference.
Or perhaps Robin would be better for the Magician – or perhaps both.


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