Today its traveling light. A pocket camera, an iPad, three small volumes, a bag of ink bottles and a bunch of coffee stirring sticks to draw with. The volume pictured here is, sadly, no longer carried by Utrecht – these were really sweet books, clothbound, neutral PH paper, heavier than most journals or sketchbooks, so no bleed-through, an amazing surface for watercolor and ink. Had I known they would be discontinued I
d have purchased a lot of them instead of just this one. Lesson learned: especially when faced with a good product, always stock up because they may not always be available. Its like the fantastic little volumes that G. Lalo used to make – filled with excellent paper, beautifully marbled paper covers, lavish end papers. Also not available anymore, and I have just a few left.
Not all the leaves in this one are so fully illustrated. I work on this one when I am feeling particularly masochistic because these pages can take a long time to finish – since I selected a smaller volume because I wanted something for quickwork its a bit ironic that these pages can take longer to complete than some of the ones in the big volume.
Mind at work, mind at play. This volume is more on the work side, at least as far as the writing goes. I found after only a short time that when I’m this regimented in my lettering there is not much room for free association. The writing is awfully stilted!

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