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I’ve been selected by the folks at ThePixeler to have my work included in their online store for sale. They have a simple and easy to use website dedicated to selling fine art prints in limited editions made by artists on iPads. So far as I know this is the first site to be entirely dedicated to iPad generated artwork!
I have a substantial portfolio of images, as I’ve been making iPad drawings since the device was new way back in 2010. I primarily use two apps to draw on the iPad : 1. Paper53, which is the most intuitive and focused app there is for drawing direct on iPad but has a limited set of tools. 2. Sketchclub by Black Pawn, which is a full featured artmaking app, with a wide variety of tools for both digital and analog trained artists, but which has a much steeper learning curve than Paper53 but there are loads of apps out there for making art on your iPad, and you will of course have your own favorites. I recommend to anyone who will listen that they get a bunch of them and just play around until you find the ones you are most productive with.

Keep in mind that the output of these various apps may or may not work for printing purposes.
If you want to upscale iPad generated images for use in printing, you will really need a computer, and an application like On1’s Perfect Resize – with which you can take an image created at an iPad’s native resolution and convert into a file which can be printed at virtually any size! It takes some practice to get good results but its worth the effort (and the expense: Perfect Resize sells as a standalone application for $79 dollars.)

I hope you will take a moment or two to visit ThePixeler – and perhaps buy a print or two! We artists work for the love of it, but it really helps when people purchase our images to help keep us creating. After all, food, water, coffee, gas, and rent can add up after awhile – loving the work keeps us joyful, but selling the work keeps us afloat!



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