I always spend a few hours a day drawing. It’s not hard to do and it calms me down. It doesn’t matter what media I am using: it can be physical, brushes and paint, or digital, mouse, stylus screen.  They all access the same basic mind-space, and that is what I’m after. 
It is a kind of meditation – but not one with easily definable results.  I can’t, for example, tell you specifically what thoughts were in my head when I was drawing, nor can I clearly describe the state of mind I go into when I’m working.  

I love being in that space. It’s like being in another world – everything around me is crystal clear, it’s not like I’ve left the place I’m in. In fact sometimes it’s like I’m even more completely inside the world when I’m drawing or painting, but at the same time I’m outside myself, looking at myself, watching what I do from some other locale. It’s like being two people at once in a sense, although I can’t see where one begins and the other ends.  

But there I am drawing or painting and I’m totally engulfed in watching an image take form, largely automatically (as I’ve expained in the past, I don’t set out to do a drawing or a painting with a specific image in my. I make random marks and then let them lead me to a more coherent image.  

When I’ve finished, I always feel as though I’ve completed a journey – but I wouldn’t be able to explain where I went to on that journey, or what it means. 

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