the vanilla hillsEvery night I dream. I dream more now than I used to, since I’ve begun using some binaural recordings to help me sleep more deeply.  When I wake up in the morning, I always have a clear memory that I’ve been dreaming – but very rarely actually remember the dreams.  What I remember from the dreams are impressions – sometimes places, sometimes faces or colors, or motions, just isolated fragments of what I dreamed.  I have a “knowledge” that I’ve been traveling and although I don’t clearly remember the actions in the dreams, I know that they are a continuation of my day to day living, but in a different world – or possibly different worlds.

I’m sometimes jealous of people who tell me that they have very clear memory of what they have dreamed. But I remember dreaming when I was much younger – I remember every detail of some of those younger dreams, and although they were sometimes very dramatic and surreal and seemingly filled with symbolism and meaning, they also did not leave me with the impression I get from these less clear dreams I’m having, that I’d been traveling to other worlds.  That sense of traveling is new, something that has entered the dreams in recent years.

I think that the dreams I’m having now are more important – but for some reason, accessing them with conscious thought as memory is forbidden.

Somebody suggested that I am practicing for my next life by traveling to the world I’ll be reincarnated in.

The great thing that comes from these dreams is that my painting is informed by them.  Just as my paintings are composed from impressions I collect when I’m out and about (so that, for example, a watercolor landscape includes some of the flavor as the landscapes I drive through here in Arizona, without really including representations of real locations, I also include impressions from dreams in those images.  So a landscape like the one above (made with Paper 53 on my iPad) echoes things I’ve seen in the waking world, the colors and the composition also include elements from places I move through when I dream – the other world is represented.  Its not a literal representation, but a kind of visual paraphrasing for something I’ve experienced.

I don’t think that, short of solving the problem of telepathy, we can ever convey the literal truth of things we’ve seen or felt – but we can strive to capture and convey our impressions – keeping in mind of course that all such things are both personal and colored by opinion and so unreliable as anything more than a general guide to the thoughts in question.

That is how we create the parallax which allows us to share the world and to experience the myriad of dimensions that we move through and experience but do not process on the same high level that we use in processing our consensus reality.



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