It’s cloudy today. My mind as well as the sky. I  am in that mood where there is no energy or inertia. I just want to settle someplace and doze or even sleep deeply for awhile, but I’m out and around trying to avoid that.

It’s also breezy – I was going to say windy, but that would be unfair to the gusts earlier this morning.  Earlier this morning the wind was powerful enough to bark like a dog across the edges of the roof.  My bedroom window was open when I fell asleep last night and this morning I was woken up by the flapping of the curtains – and the spray of rain that came in and spread clear across the room.  My door was closed and I kept stirring because when the wind gusted, the door rattled in its frame.  Never enough to rouse me completely, at least not until the curtain flapped and the moisture came in.

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