The Movements of the Plates

Allowing for the movements in the plates, the human ones, that are hidden under a maypole in the distinct vicinity of a corpuscular sky. Who were the human ones? Who were the small ones who stayed under the rocks and stones and never, ever popped up their significantly combed but empty heads? They all collected pills, and ampules. They all fell over the edge and into a spinning miasma of politics.

One day, Miranda was walking there among them, working out math problems in her head of heads.  She wore no bandannas for she was no Banana Queen, but she listed this way and that as she walked, like a drunken tailor, like a mushroom too big for its stem.

Holly stood beside her rafting nullified crustaceans and building small walls to keep them in.

Did you ever really like the pugnacious participle? Was your grammar ever beyond reproach?

I had that solitary jar and inside the delicious electricity, the shortened circuit and the impact of a crucible.

Had the moment passed, we would have been obnoxious and joined the fray, but instead time stood still and an orchid became carbonite.  Where, she wondered, is Han Solo, and why is his cellphone on my nightstand?

In that frozen moment when nothing could occur we had no pattern and the pygmies lifted the veil. But as is ever the case the only thing behind the veil was another veil, this one too heavy to be lifted in the time out of time.

Hercules has ballast but no corduroy.  Are you eating vacuoles? Have your sultry Madonnas split the proper knees of their jeans?

Do not be circuitous in this because vessels and orthotics hold sway in the virtual web.  I saw the vertices and counted them one by one but Nonna said no and we had to fluctuate beyond nucleotides and true black.  Even so, you canted the lift to the pilgrims and fractured only two frozen suns.

And that morning, we listened slowly to Gypsy Soul and daydreamed of an earnest Calcutta. Did you breeze the soldier in his beer steeped philosophy? Did you dream her up into tragedies both Shakespearean and Netflixian?

That’s when it moved in the correct way again. Always forward but with memory that could if exerted look back and foresight that could, to some degree, peer forward. That is when we were blessed by the snail in her shell and the hermit crab in his.

Were there nights with casual services, rendered on the regimental fluting? Where there are forks, there are figures and you must account for the autonomy of the anatomy, utilizing the full craft of aromatherapy.

What is the temperature of the disguised tremor, the organism that knows its own pleasure and can always provide?  Who is the Dortmunder with the Frankfurter hat? What is his team, where is his stadium?  In this circus, who is the ringmaster and who the Molly Ringwald? And more importantly, will she bring with her her ringlets?

Paddy was working on his laptop and he discovered the website of a soccer whale.  The whale was known for artful use of the blowhole in the mad discovery of heretofore untapped goals.  This lead to small inroads in foreign trade, and the balance of Miranda was restored.

The gaol and the hammer were disdained.  Fourteen oracles left their perches to join in the seed frenzy.  Never one to rock the birdbath, Christy looked deep into the pocket of her left shirt and her right skirt, panting loudly and calling out to Fragile Bill.

Who is this oriental instrument: He is, of course the bland particulate, the velocipede without funyums, the integrated soapster with his flagellated organelle.  Who is this dangled jackalope: He is, of course the frequently sequestered but oft quoted vanilla wafer, its similarity to a Catholic host not unnoticed.

Three times one is uppity. Please she said, do not be a snob.

The orchid presents hazards, but carries no known or knowable weapon.  Can this be the patter of an integer, padding the world with Pi and eking out its existence on the pulpit of a single hydraulic jack?  Who jumps that bully turnstile, who follows tigers into orbit?

On Friday, the virgin approached Ganymede in her craft.  The other virgin lay in his craft as well, but the divide was great and crossing the black hole would present certain problems

Vacate now.

And forge pistils for the pollination.



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