I went out for a drive this morning – just about forty miles, to see how the landscapes have changed with the season. Lots of bright yellow trees. When you get far enough out on the road, you can look around at the various mountain ranges, and by the colors you see you can guess which areas are higher and lower in elevation by the difference in the color changes. Higher elevations are colder, so they started to change sooner. You can’t always tell simply by perspective or positioning. It’s weird that way.

When I drive out here, sometimes it feels almost like flying. You ride up and down the ribbons of road and watch mountain rise up and fall down, and it seems like you are sailing through them.

Walking is the same.

You walk up and down hills and the vistas change constantly. In most parts of the city, you see vast expanses of land – big open plains intersected by occasional mountain ranges. The ranges are at various heights – the plains are deceptive, as they are not flat.

You only know that if you travel though – looking out from town you can’t see the varied canyons and arroyos that intersect everything.

The mountains, seen from the city, appear distant with a vast sky above, with a fantastic variety of clouds. This time of year they are mostly high atmospheric clouds. Today there are a lot of whispy cirrus up there. Later in the season when the weather gets colder, we’ll see more lenticular clouds looming over the higher ground like invading UFO’s.

Today the high clouds are more whimsical. They are too wild to contain faces or shapes – unless you include wild, undulating dragons. Anyone who looks at the clouds with anything resembling a healthy imagination can easily see where the amazing creatures we see in ancient drawings come from – gods, demons, dragons, wizards. These skies have them all. Warring angels.

Sadly today I did not bring my tripod – so the photos I took will be less sharp than I prefer – still, I think I managed to capture some intense views and I’ll enjoy playing with them when I get home.

This cafeteria is spacious and not too noisy. There are tables, too tall for the chairs they are paired with. All right I suppose for eating. For writing or drawing not so much.

Today the plan was to go to the library, but I got waylaid by the clouds. They simply jumped me, grabbed me by the eyes and pulled me out there. Then I found a five dollar bill in my pocket that I’d forgotten was there and coffee suddenly became a possibility.

Cold weather is coming.

Not Boston cold, but cold enough to let me throw my window open wide at night, better to hear the coyotes. That old German habit, learned in Heidelberg: Frische Luft. Fresh Air.

For now, its a cool but not oppressively cool afternoon in the city (it is a city after all, even if a small one)

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